Thursday, November 3, 2011

Driftwood Scents

While we were away on our Honeymoon, we picked up some driftwood while walking on the beach.  Andrew had the idea of burning our name onto a piece of the driftwood, and putting it all together to make a ring holder, so he did!  I think it's pretty awesome.. We keep it above the kitchen sink so that I have a place to put my rings while I do dishes. :)

We also made what I thought was going to be our last little batch of applesauce and apple butter.. 

Little did I know, that when I went to go pick up my last paycheck for the season, I realized the trees were still loaded with apples, and I picked up another couple bushels of Empires to make more apple butter and applesauce with.  I was so excited I forgot to grab my paycheck on the way out... Oops.  I guess I'll have to go up again! ;)

Before we got married, Andrew and I found about 40 little glass jars at Savers, and thinking we could put tea lights in them for centerpieces at the wedding, we picked them up for just under $10.  After we bought them, we found out that we weren't allowed to light tea lights in the function hall.. bummer!  Instead, I had the idea to make candles with them.  However, the scents that we bought for this project were not made specifically for scenting candles, so they did not mix in with the wax, resulting in a very weak smelling candle.. We are going to try using herbs from my garden and see how that works out next.  We will post more about this when we have perfected the art of candle making! :)