Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene

So the hurricane came in today.. it wasent that bad, just some rain and a bunch of wind. We lost power around 9ish and it still hasent come back. Cristina and I spent all day packing my stuff up in my room, then we qent to her house and did the same thing round 5:00. So at the moment we are at honey dew drinking aome coffee :D

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Farm work

So today Me and Cristina "kidnapped" two of the boys to go rock picking in the freshly plowed field.
We had a little difficulty at first trying to get the "Quick-attach" forks off the tractor so we could put the bucket on. But after a little persuasion and threatening with a sledge hammer we got it off. We took the bush mower off the back and we were ready to roll! It was a nice day out to be working and the field surprisingly didnt have a lot of rocks in it. We were able to do the entire field which is about a acre in a hour, thats good time!! Cristina works over at butternut on the other side of the ridge and it usually takes her about two, two-and-a-half hours to pick rocks out of a freshly plowed field like ours. The field we were working in was the best plot out of the land though so I'm sure that there will be more rocks to pick in our future.

 We were happy to see that the Herbicide that we had laid down last weekend did its job in killing all the plants we sprayed it on. The field just has to be disced some more with that green disk harrower you see in the picture.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Andrew and I have been given the opportunity to start a pick-your-own fruit farm!  We have looked into it quite a bit, discussing things with my boss, (Owner of Butternut Farm, so he knows quite a bit about the business) checking out soil maps, elevation, and whatnot.  The land that we have available is perfect for what we want to do!  Right off we are going to plow about 3/4s of an acre, and plant strawberries this coming June.  We are also planning on putting in peach trees, apple trees, blueberry bushes, and raspberry bushes.  Tonight we went and sprayed an herbicide (a very mild chemical that only affects certain enzymes in plants) in the field that we are going to plow to clear it of weeds.  A picture of the field is below:

That should clear it in a few days, and next weekend we will most likely be preparing it for a cover crop of rye grass, which will protect and provide the field over the winter and provide much needed nutrients in the spring when we till it under.
So look us up in June of 2013!  We should have a strawberry crop and maybe a couple blueberries and raspberries available to pick from.

Mt Washington

Back two weeks ago Cristina and I decided to hike Mt Washington. This was quite a adventure for us because we really winged the plans a lot. That morning we got to Mt Washington at 8:00 and started hiking around that time. It was a wonderful hike up, we had to detour around half of Tuckermans Ravine but we didn't mind. We eventually made it up to the top after about 5 hours of hiking. It was fairly sunny out for most of the day, we only stayed at the top for a hour before it was time for us to head back down. We decided to take another trail on the way down... We did not know that it was a advanced trail until we got about a quarter of the way down it. We couldn't go back up to the top and take another way down because it would take too long. After we got about half way down we got lost because the trail was not that popular and the trail markers were not clear. A hour Later we finally found the trail again and got out before dark. But not before it rained of course, it rains most of the year at Mt Washington. That was our big Mt Washington Adventure :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wedding Planning and Beyond!

We have been diligently planning a wedding for the past four months now, with it two months away there is still a lot of planning left to do. We are new to this whole blogging thing so its going to be a experience in its self deciding what to talk about and trying to be diligent in posting something kinda regularly. Well to talk about recent things that we have done.. Cristina and I spent a few hours in my old Chevy truck installing a cd player that I made out of old computer parts and a FM transmitter. It went well until we discovered that I didn't account for all the current that would be going through my power regulator. It automatically shuts off after about a minute because it over heats.

We are going to try and climb the tallest Mt in NH on Saturday, yes that's Mt. Washington. I have never climbed it, But Cristina has been up it before. This should be a fun adventure :D