Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mt Washington

Back two weeks ago Cristina and I decided to hike Mt Washington. This was quite a adventure for us because we really winged the plans a lot. That morning we got to Mt Washington at 8:00 and started hiking around that time. It was a wonderful hike up, we had to detour around half of Tuckermans Ravine but we didn't mind. We eventually made it up to the top after about 5 hours of hiking. It was fairly sunny out for most of the day, we only stayed at the top for a hour before it was time for us to head back down. We decided to take another trail on the way down... We did not know that it was a advanced trail until we got about a quarter of the way down it. We couldn't go back up to the top and take another way down because it would take too long. After we got about half way down we got lost because the trail was not that popular and the trail markers were not clear. A hour Later we finally found the trail again and got out before dark. But not before it rained of course, it rains most of the year at Mt Washington. That was our big Mt Washington Adventure :)

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