Monday, October 24, 2011

The Abode

And we're back again with another post!  This time, we are going to show ya'll a few pictures of our new apartment.  It is small, but a perfect starter home for us.  :)

Our welcome mat. I was looking at all these nice, pretty ones, you know, with nice designs and flowers on them, when Andrew comes over and shows me this one.  Love it!

When you first walk in, there's the kitchen.  We've been doing a lot of cooking!  We're planning on making some more applesauce and apple butter next week sometime.  One thing I love about this place is the windowsills.  Because we're on the basement level, they are really wide- perfect for putting plants or flowers on!  One downside (for me anyways...) is the ceramic sink.  I have already dropped and chipped a couple dishes in it.

Our cute little pantry!  There are shelves on the other side as well.  Perfectly sized for spices and smaller jars and cans.  :)

'Behind every successful person is a substantial amount of coffee'
Andrew put that one up.... :D
Our coffee pot and toaster oven-  Andrew really enjoys being able to make a lot of coffee at once, and the toaster is a great energy saver when we use that instead of the oven, we don't have to heat up the whole oven for just enough food for two people.  We can fit a full sized pizza in this thing!

This hutch came from Andrews parents- his Grandfather built it.

Our music/computer room.  On Sunday afternoons, Andrew will play on the piano or guitar as Cristina crochets a blanket.

A hutch that came from my Aunt Faith.  In the lower shelves, there is all the china that came from my Great-Grandmother.

A wedding present from one of my friends from Camp, Beth.  :)

A wedding present from the Merritt Family.  Mrs. Merritt painted it for us. :)

A painting that my great-grandmother did, back in '98 I believe.  It hung at my parents house for as long as I could remember, and I loved it, and it got to come with me when I moved! :)

A clock that Mr. Schulte made for us

Apples and a candle on the kitchen table

And last but not least, the book/tv room!  We hang out a lot in here. 
Thats all for now!  We just got a CD of wedding photos, so we will be sorting through and posting some of those pictures soon. :)

By request... A pic of the bathroom and two of the bedroom:


  1. Such great pictures - I love how sunny your kitchen is! So neat to see all the things that you have of your extended families, grandparents, great-grandparents. Nana

  2. The house looks great! It is so nice to have items from the family to keep in the family and to hand down through the generations!