Monday, December 26, 2011

Ice in the brakes?

We have been having some car issues lately, and we have a shop that we can use for the next week.  So for this next week we will be doing several repairs to both of our vehicles.
Andrew getting the brake booster our of the car

 I (Cristina) lost my brakes last week when it was really cold, so Andrew took my brake booster and and master cylinder out to check things out...


This is a picture of the inside of my brake booster.  That brown lump in there is actually ice..... No wonder I couldn't stop!

Projects on Andrews truck include taking off the side steps, (In the wintertime they hold snow and ice against the doors of the truck resulting in a lot of rust) fixing the windshield wipers, (one is slightly bent) taking off the plow frame, and grinding away rust and welding sheet metal back on over the holes.

Here is a picture of our research/Cristina's blogging station:

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Here we look up parts on Napa or Auto Zone to price them out.  They are both closed today because it's a federal holiday, but tomorrow we will hopefully be ordering parts.
Here is our tool station.. Andrew is breaking in his new tools that he got from his parents yesterday.  I think he has wayyyy too much fun with them!

We are now in the midst of dropping down the oil pan on my car.  (It has a leak in the bottom, and the side..) We are going to try to fix it, and if we can't, we will have to order a new one of those as well.

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