Monday, December 19, 2011

Little People

The other day I was babysitting the kids (Patricia, Moriah, Noah, and Jonah) and so we made gingerbread cookies!
Patricia cutting gingerbread cookies

I think it's safe to say that all had a great time making the batter, rolling and cutting out cookies, and then decorating them.
Noah cutting Christmas cookies

Our Christmas tree... taken from the woods out behind the house

Later that week we experimented with making Christmas wreaths.  They came out pretty good, and they weren't very hard to make at all.

Cristina making a wreath
We used two wire coat hangers as a frame, then wrapped them up with floral tape to make them non-slip.

 Here is Patricia working on her wreath:

Needless to say, wreath making is messy business.. This is about half the greenery that was on the floor when we were finished.

The end product.  In the woods out behind the house we found evergreen with little pine cones.  So cute!

One morning Andrew and I went for a walk down the road to pick some winter berries.  We were going to add them to a wreath, but we decided that the wreaths looked better without them, so we used them to decorate a windowsill with. :)

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