Sunday, September 4, 2011

Church, Food, and Clothes

Cristina and I got up early to go to church in Eliot today. Church was good though it was a bit cold... It was a good message and there was even a except from Rev. Bill Cosby from his Noah sermon. We found our way back up to my house (Andrews) and went out to lunch with my parents at Applebees. We spent the rest of the afternoon suit shopping for me, my Dad, and Joshua over in Concord. We first went to Sears to look for some suits, we found some but none that really fit. Eventually after looking at other things at sears we made our way toward the Jcpenny in the other part of the mall. They had a larger selection but again we could not find what we wanted, not even the deep chocolate brown ties that go with our wedding colors. My parents had one last idea before we started heading home, Burlington Coat Factory. I looked up directions on my fancy new phone and we arrived there in 10 minutes. If you haven't been to Burlington Coat Factory, they are HUGE!! you could fit a entire walmart super center in there. The entire building was just clothes. Burlington had a 10 th of the store was suits, that's still 3x larger section than any of the other stores. After a hour of suit shopping Joshua and I found suits and a vest that we thought fit us. My dad had no such luck because of his odd size. So we went and checked out and went out side, only to see that there was a little suit shop across the road and they had a buy one get one free deal. The family piled into the rav4 and drove across the street to the little shop. My parents went into the shop first and started looking around while me and Cristina stayed in the vehicle and started typing this post that you are reading now. My parents were in there for 10 minutes when my Mom came back out and got us. Because my Dad was such a odd suit size he would have to get one tailored to him. So at the end of that visit we got two suits, 4 ties and pocket handkerchief. We are one step closer to getting married :D

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