Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rye not use rye?

It has been more than a week since our last posting, so we figured that we would let everyone know what we are up to. :)  Andrew and I have both been working Mon-Fri during the day at our jobs, working on wedding planning on evenings and weekends, and then working the farm on weekends as well.  So we are both taking tomorrow off and going out for a picnic lunch. :)

There has been a lot done at the farm lately.  The Rye Grass that we planted last week is coming up great!  We planted another field of it today.  The field that we seeded today had hardly any rocks in it, which we are so thankful for!  It's hard to find farm land in NH without rocks in it.
The first field of Winter Rye that we planted is coming up great!
There has been a third and final field cleared and de-stumped, ready for plowing this coming week, and then we will seed that this coming weekend.  It is a very decent sized field, nearly two acres.

All this land has been cleared in the last week or so.  A good 2 acres for next year! :)
We have also started clearing woods on the other side of the road (that is where the bulk of the property is located.. It is just an old dirt road that isn't very busy) for planting in the coming years. 

Clearing across the road

A good sign that we found last week at the farm is an old abandoned apple orchard in the woods next to the first field that we plowed.  This lets us know that this is an area that apples will definitely survive in, and that this part of town is not too cold for them.  We will be putting a thermometer up this winter to see exactly how cold it does get here, to check to make sure that we can plant peaches and grapes, as they are not as winter hardy as other kinds of fruits we want to grow.
An old apple tree in the woods

The view from the road

Andrew harrowing the field

 P.S.- We have come up with the agreement that I (Cristina) will write the posts, and Andrew will title them.  So I am not responsible for post titles. ;)

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