Monday, September 5, 2011


Last Saturday Cristina and I went up to our farm and seeded the entire field that was plowed by my Uncle with winter rye grass. It was a interesting adventure because all we had was about 112 Lb of Seed and a little hand seeder and a sporty 4wheeler. What we did was I drove the 4wheeler and Cristina sat on the back with one of the bags and seeded as I drove across the field. It took us 4 hours to completely cover the field with the winter Rye. My uncle had this wire mesh that we though might work to gently and lightly cover the new seed with dirt but it ended up dragging the seed with it and didnt do what we wanted. So we got the  disc harrow and adjusted it so it ever so lightly disturbed the soil. I spent about 45 minutes driving up and down the field and then across is so it would lightly cover the seed with soil.

there is another plot of land that my Uncle is going to plow up for us to rock pick and seed before the end of this month.


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